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What does it mean to fully engage with the church?

At Calvary, we believe engagement is fully embodied in the elements below.

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We are called to give of ourselves often in Scripture. Acts 2:44 tells us that the early Church believed together and had all things in common. To give is to emulate Jesus, the one we call our Lord.

Individually we are Christians, but Paul refers to us as a body. Collectively we are the Church. Hebrews 10:25 guides us to “not give up meeting together,” a directive that encourages us to build each other up and remind us of the connectivity of our faith.

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Service is quickly seen as integral to Jesus’ ministry, no more so than right before the Last Supper. Jesus, at the apex of his earthly ministry, washes his disciples’ feet - a sign of pure service. He gives the command to serve and follow his example.

Connection is not merely accomplished by being a part of a weekend gathering. Connection is far deeper than that. Being a part of a life group gives the route for us all to know and be known on a deeper level.

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